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Editor Andrew Arnott

Andrew Arnott

Andrew studied Literature and Sociology at UCT before setting off on a global trek that saw him working under the seas of the Caribbean, on the snow covered slopes of the Canadian Rockies and writing for a variety of financial and travel institutions. Now at home in Cape Town, Andrew’s passions for wine and writing are married on this blog.

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Flagstone Pop Art Cart

The Pop Art Cart is an example of the Flagstone creativity being brought to life. It is a rather novel way to do food and wine pairings (and thus the perfect blank canvas.) We took something as bland as popcorn and created a unique sensory experience.

With the help of our winemaker, Gerhard, we spiced up our wine tastings with the perfect pairings of popcorn.

Flavours include Cape Malay Curry, Brown Onion and Clove, and Minted Cocoa and Sea Salt.

Enjoy the stand so that you -our wine drinkers, can make the right choice when choosing between our wines.

For more innovative experiences, visit the Flagstone Winery.

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