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Andrew Arnott

Andrew studied Literature and Sociology at UCT before setting off on a global trek that saw him working under the seas of the Caribbean, on the snow covered slopes of the Canadian Rockies and writing for a variety of financial and travel institutions. Now at home in Cape Town, Andrew’s passions for wine and writing are married on this blog.

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Flagstone Velvet - The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Wine is a gift than can elicit a huge amount of joy because so much care and consideration is required to find that perfect bottle, the one that lights up a face, and at the same time manages to express something personal about your relationship.

Flagstone has a particularly special bottle of wine that reflects craftsmanship, care and creativity, a wine that’s an authentic consideration of provenance and a skilful representation of character. Made from three vineyards in different cool-climate regions, Velvet Blend is a decadent expression of Shiraz, Mourvedre and Viognier.

flagstone velvetAlluring top notes of cinnamon and spice above a concentration of intense dark red berries cloaking the dark, ripe aroma of soft black plums. The velvety smooth tannins court a burst of red berry and cherry on the palate followed by an intriguing hint of smooth dark chocolate.

Velvet also looks the part, housed in a plush purple gift box it’s a luxurious present for a loved one. Just make sure Santa doesn’t spot it first, rumour has it he carries a corkscrew

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