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The 2017 South African Women’s Wine Awards

The 2017 South African Women’s Wine Awards saw steady growth in several of the wine categories. The aim was to find gold medal winners and to commend the top-scoring producers.

The aim of the annual competition is to find worthy wines judged by an all-female panel and to crown the best wines and wineries entered.

The juding took place at the Nietvoorbij campus in Stellenbosch with the Cape Wine Academy handled the logistics to ensure smooth running of the exciting double-blind tasting.

The ratio of red wines versus white wines entered was 51% to 49% with an array of wines entered in the category: ‘single cultivar wines other’, showing that the industry is evolving and the Big Five are
not the only competing cultivars.

Flagstone received Gold Medals for:

  • Flagstone Free Run Sauvignon Blanc 2016
  • Flagstone Fiona Pinot Noir 2016
  • Flagstone Truth Tree Pinotage 2016
  • Flagstone Dragon Tree Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz/Pinotage 2014

The top 3 producers were listed as:

  • Flagstone Wines
  • Mimosa Wines
  • Domaine Brahms

For more details on the visit South African Women's Wine Awards visit SAWWA

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