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Chief Winemaker Bruce Jack

Bruce Jack

A Capetonian whose curiosity and palate has taken him the length and breadth of the globe. Bruce completed his undergrad in Political Science and Literature at UCT and then read his Masters in Literature at St Andrew’s in Scotland. His subsequent winemaking degree came from the Roseworthy Campus at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Bruce is a pioneer, and in many respects a maverick, and what he brings to winemaking is an articulate opinion about his greatest passion.

Food Alchemist & Kitchen Cowboy Peter Goffe-Wood

Peter Goffe-Wood

Peter is on the judging panel for the San Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants in the World, as well as the Diners Club Wine list of the year. Born in London, he trained in South Africa and returned to work with some of Britain's top chefs in several award-winning London restaurants.

Back in South Africa, he helped to open the La Couronne Hotel & Winery (now Mont Rochelle) in Franschhoek. Conde Nast Traveller named it as one of the fifty most exciting restaurants in the world.

Peter has worked to develop some of the Cape’s best and busiest restaurants, including Blues, 95 Keerom Str, Balducci’s & Salt. GQ magazine took him on as food editor for eight years and he is a regular contributor to Men’s Health. Peter is author of Kitchen Cowboys and Blues Restaurant – the essence of Cape Town.

He featured alongside Ainsley Harriot on BBC Food’s Off the Menu and now appears as a judge on MasterChef SA.

Editor Andrew Arnott

Andrew Arnott

Andrew studied Literature and Sociology at UCT before setting off on a global trek that saw him working under the seas of the Caribbean, on the snow covered slopes of the Canadian Rockies and writing for a variety of financial and travel institutions. Now at home in Cape Town, Andrew’s passions for wine and writing are married on this blog.

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Viini Tv Interviews Bruce Jack : Part II

Part II of Bruce Jack's interview with Viini Tv discusses Flagstone's owners impact on Bruce's wine making. Bruce explains what goes into making Flagstone Free Run before Ilkka and Bruce taste the Sauvignon Blanc.

Bruce Jack talks about Constellation Wines and the purchase of Flagstone. Constellation's approach to wine allowed Bruce to continue his wine making unabated. Constellation Wines had a significant impact on the wine industry from employee to product, working for them offered Bruce an incredible opportunity to impress quality change in the industry. Earlier this year, CHAMP private equity bought Constellation Wines South Africa and Flagstone's parent company is now called Accolade Wines South Africa.

Ilkka and Bruce sample Free Run Sauvignon Blanc, produced from grapes grown on the very southern tip of Africa. South Africa's varying micro climate produces a wonderful array of Sauvignon Blanc, and when, as a wine maker, one starts to blend these varieties, a new level of complexity is born. One complex enough to associate itself with ice hockey?

Bruce Jack Flagstone Wine Interview

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