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Andrew studied Literature and Sociology at UCT before setting off on a global trek that saw him working under the seas of the Caribbean, on the snow covered slopes of the Canadian Rockies and writing for a variety of financial and travel institutions. Now at home in Cape Town, Andrew’s passions for wine and writing are married on this blog.

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What Makes a Luxury Wine

Flagstone’s Velvet red blend is a harmony of authenticity and prestige. A commitment to a wine making tradition that continues to evolve but is still firmly anchored by a philosophy that speaks to fanatical dedication on a journey that cannot be hurried and where there are no short cuts.

At Flagstone, we are committed to making honest, handcrafted wine that is an authentic reflection of its provenance. That means care at every touch point, from viticultural strategy for each of the vineyards we use to the creativity we employ once the grapes arrive at our winery. 

“Our Velvet is made from three vineyards in different cool-climate regions that are chosen for their terroir. Two of these vineyards are high altitude whilst the third is in close proximity to the ocean in False Bay. This results in a fresh natural acidity and low pH that gives this wine longevity and will allow it to mature gracefully over the next 10-20 years if stored correctly,” comments Winemaker Gerhard Swart.

This blend is a decadent expression of Shiraz, Mourvedre and Viognier with alluring top notes of cinnamon and spice above a decadent concentration of intense dark red berries that veil the dark, ripe aroma of soft black plums. The rich, velvety smooth tannins serenade a burst of red berry and cherry on the palate followed by an intriguing hint of smooth dark chocolate.

Flagstone’s Velvet is housed in a splendid purple gift box, designed to represent this luxurious expression of creativity.

Flagstone Velvet Red Wine

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