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The Last Word Port 2013

The Last Word Port 2013

We’re interested in getting the subtle fruit flavours out of the grapes and so we make our port slightly differently to most other people.

Winemaker Notes

Our very ripe grapes are picked at 28° Balling and fortified at 10° Balling with Brandy.

By fortifying a fermenting wine with barrel-aged brandy we stop the wildly raging, spontaneous fermentation in its tracks.

This is the traditional South African way of weaving the ethereal flavours and aromas of fermentation into the typical dense, complex and tannic structure of our handmade reds. Giving us a wine with fabulous structure and the fruitiness and spiciness of shiraz, but with a little bit of sugar, making it a perfect pairing from something sweet.

What’s in the name

This wine is intended to be the final flourish that finishes off a delectable meal and a wonderful evening.

Tasting Notes

The colour is reminiscent of a bright red sapphire on the edges, flowing over into a dark intense ruby red.

Prominent dark fruit on the nose within a frame of cinnamon, nutmeg and all spices from the American oak. Rum & raisin, Shiraz character comes through strongly- nuttiness, sundried tomatoes pesto, stewed fruit, leather, smoky and vanilla cigarillos.

A sweet sensation combined with the tanginess of dried apricot and peaches flows over your palate. The Last Word is a sweetish dryness of plum fruit compote with a nice warm sensation.

Love For The Last Word Port 2013

  • 3.5 Stars 2013 John Platter Wine Guide

Food Pairing

We paired The Last Word with Gorgonzola, and gingery green fig preserve, and it was more than up to the challenge.

It’s also good with peppercorn-infused dark chocolate, apricot tart tatin or manchego & membrillo.

Moment Pairing

This is an obvious fireside-and-Nina Simone choice, but also a splendid accompaniment for a rainy evening in the bath while reading T.S. Eliot.


  • Alcohol 19.5%
  • Residual Sugar 98.5 g/l
  • Total Acid 5.7 g/l
  • pH 3.5

Age Verification Required