15 Medals for Accolade at the 2020 Ultra Value Wine Challenge

The 2020 Ultra Value Wine Challenge received 320 entries. 73 won silver, 64 won gold, 23 wines won double gold and of these 10 were lauded as the most highly rated.

The Ultra Value Wine Challenge focuses solely on consumer ‘best value’, assessing wines that cost less than R130 incl VAT per bottle. Quality winning wines are then put through a smart algorithm. This formula adjusts the quality score by including price attractiveness and then provides an overall value score. Winning wines are then awarded a final value score out of 100 points to gain Double Gold, Gold or Silver medal status.

2020 Ultra Value Wine Challenge

Ultra Value Challenge Celebrates New Awards

Vineyard Consistency Awards

The consistent achievement of high-quality wines as measured by benchmark accolades is a characteristic that underpins, all great vineyards. As a consequence of this qualitative fact, one proven only with time, this challenge now also assesses and awards only those top-ranking vineyards that have proved to be consistently at the fore throughout the 6 years of the history of this value-wine competition. Over the full six-year period, there are five vineyards in leading positions with between 41 and 67 winning wines. This stellar performance is a remarkable endorsement of each winner’s vineyards, their cellar teams, as well as their winemaking skills and abilities.

We are pleased to congratulate the following winners:

  1. Nicholson Smith Agencies – First placeWine of the Year Award; both a red and a white wine
  2. Alvi’s Drift Private Cellar – Second place
  3. Accolade Wines SA – Third place
  4. Robertson Winery – Fourth place
  5. Koelenhof Wynkelder – Fifth place

Red & White Wine of The Year Awards

The Ultra Value Wine Challenge has decided to add this category to the special awards to promote those two individual wines that stand apart from every other value wine. One white wine and one red wine only, those two wines that each achieves the single highest judged score in their generic colour band during the competition.

White Wine of the year:
Accolade Wines SA Kumala Reserve Chenin Blanc 2019

Red Wine of the year:
Nicholson Smith Agencies Pandora’s Box The Persian Connection Shiraz NV

The Top 10 Highest-Scoring Wines

  • Accolade Wines SA Kumala Reserve Chenin Blanc 2019 99/100
  • Perdeberg Cellar Perdeberg Classic Sauvignon Blanc 2020 98/100
  • McGregor Winery McGregor Chenin Blanc 2020 97/100
  • Nicholson Smith Agencies Pandora’s Box The Persian Connection Shiraz NV 95/100
  • McGregor Winery McGregor Colombard 2020 95/100
  • Accolade Wines SA Flagstone Free Run Sauvignon Blanc 2019 94/100
  • Accolade Wines SA Flagstone Treaty Tree Red Reserve 2018 94/100
  • Nicholson Smith Agencies Pandora’s Box Lock 1855 Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon NV 94/100
  • Koelenhof Wynkelder Koelenhof Pinotage 2019 94/100
  • New Cape Wines Hoeks Rivier Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 94/100

Accolade Wines Double Gold Medals

Accolade Wines Gold Medals

Accolade Wines Silver Medals

Top Multiple Winning Vineyards:

  • Nicholson Smith – 19 wins
  • Accolade Wines SA – 15 wins
  • Perdeberg Wines – 13 wins
  • UniWines – 12 wins
  • Alvi’s Drift Private Cellar – 10 wins
  • Koelenhof Wynkelder – 9 wins
  • Robertson Winery – 9 wins
  • Boland Cellar – 6 wins
  • Bon Courage Wine Estate – 6 wins
  • Cape Wine Company – 6 wins
  • Opstal Wines – 6 wins
  • Allée Bleue Wine Estate – 5 wins
  • Middelvlei Wines – 5 wins

Gerhard Swart, Head Winemaker, Accolade Wines SA: “The Winemakers of Accolade Wines are very proud to have received so many awards over a broad range of wines. This is a great result and shows the great care and attention we give to all our wines. We are also extremely happy with the Double Gold and Best White Wine of the show for the Kumala Reserve Chenin Blanc. It is also a great testimony of the quality of our wines and the attention to detail from the team in being awarded 3rd place for Vineyard Consistency.