A look into Flagstone Wines’s vegan Paradigm Chenin Blanc

Flagstone Wines consistently creates wines that reflect its 350-year-old winemaking heritage. The vegan Paradigm Chenin Blanc 2020 is one such example.

Head winemaker of Flagstone, Gerhard Swart, is passionate about making gorgeous wines that stimulate your brain as much as they please your taste buds. Hence Flagstone Wines’s tagline, #WeAreBornCreative.

 About the Paradigm Chenin Blanc 2020

Its Paradigm Chenin Blanc 2020 was crafted from old bush vines planted in 1979 and is proudly vegan.

Flagstone Wines‘s team uses zero animal products, electing plant-derived proteins instead. The wine maintains its status without compromising character. The vegan-friendly process thus enhances the wine’s flavour profile.

The wine displays a brilliant gold colour slightly tinted with green hues. It further displays complex aromas of peach and dried fruit with a hint of lime. Its stone fruit palate combined with a mix of spices and a crisp acidic finish makes the wine an ideal accompaniment to seafood and spiced dishes.

Learn more about Flagstone Wines’ vegan Paradigm Chenin Blanc 2020 at flagstonewines.com.