Accolade Wines and Garçon Wines Announce Collaboration

Accolade Wines, the UK’s number one wine company, and Garçon Wines, the inventor of multi-award-winning, eco, flat wine bottles, are announcing a new collaboration.

Accolade Wines will later this year offer several of their New World wine brands in Garçon Wines’ game-changing, flat wine bottle. Hardys, the UK’s number one wine brand, will be one such brand included in the collaboration, which will be on a multinational basis.

Garçon Wines’ flat wine bottle was recently called “groundbreaking” by one of the world’s most respected wine critics, Jancis Robinson, and has also won countless awards for sustainability, innovation and design.

They are produced in the UK by award-winning plastic packaging manufacturers Berry M&H and are made entirely of recycled PET, pre-existing material not single-use plastic. As a result, they are considerably lighter whilst also being spatially and energy-efficient across their whole life cycle – including production, movement and recycling. This significantly slashes carbon emissions and logistics costs from the entirety of the wine supply chain.

The collaboration also includes the installation of the first-ever bespoke bottling line for flat wine bottles at Accolade Park, Europe’s largest wine warehouse and distribution facility. The new bottling line at the state-of-the-art plant will allow Garçon to fill wines at scale and enable Accolade to further leverage the sustainability benefits, which is core to their operations and supply chain. Accolade Park has won many prestigious awards including Manufacturer of the Year and Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year and even erected its own wind turbine to provide renewably sourced energy on-site.

2020 will be an important year for Garçon Wines’ growth, and this collaboration marks a significant milestone for the British start-up that has also recently opened an office in San Francisco to scale its US activities in collaboration with packaging giant Amcor.

More details on the collaboration will be announced over the coming months, including an exciting partnership with Accolade Wines South Africa and a local partner.