Flagstone’s 2019 Harvest is in Full Swing

Each year we’re provided with an opportunity to reflected the wonderful complexity that goes into a vintage, from terroir and soil to climate and weather. Every year the journey is different, every year it’s a challenge and every year there’s immense reward in combining our skill and creativity to produce incredible bottles of joy!

By the 8th of February we had taken in 25% of this year’s grapes, this is substantially more than at the same time last year where we had received only 10% of the harvest.

Crop levels are generally lower than expected, particularly in areas affected by last year’s drought, and this has resulted in grapes ripening quicker. This together with heat waves at the end of January and beginning of February have seen a much higher percentage of the harvest arriving at the winery early in harvest season.

The quality of the grapes received looks to be above average, the white crop received is especially healthy and both the Pinotage and Shiraz ferments have intense colour and flavour. While the yields are below average this looks like a great vintage for quality and that’s what’s most important for Flagstone.