Flagstone’s 2020 Harvest Begins

It has been an interesting start to the 2020 vintage, budding and flowering were earlier than usual and so the harvest began ripening about 7 to 10 days earlier than last year. 

We planned to pick our first load of grapes, Chardonnay, from the coastal region, on Monday 20 January, after a blisteringly hot week. However, an unusual south-easter storm over the weekend brought in rain ranging from 5mm to over 100mm in certain regions.

This particular vineyard received around 21mm of rain from Saturday afternoon to Sunday mid-day and so we had to wait a couple of days for the vines to dry out and to ensure no dilution would take place within the berries. I went out to the vineyard again early on Tuesday morning and took the pictures of the perfectly ripe and delicious berries. When Chardonnay grapes are perfectly ripe the skin becomes almost transparent and one can see the perfectly formed pips through the skin. With some cool days following the rain and no dilution in the taste, it was time to pick the Chardonnay for our Two Roads!

At 6am on Wednesday, 22 January, the lug boxes were off-loaded and ready for the new vintage to be picked. A cool morning at 18C made a perfect start for our 2020 vintage. 

The first grapes are in and we are looking forward to another exciting harvest. Next up is our bush vine Chenin Blanc and Truth Tree Pinotage.