Free Run Women’s Month

Women’s Month is an occasion to champion the advancement of women. We are blessed with many phenomenal women in South Africa whose bold presence and progress continues to help shape our country.

It is with high esteem that we raise a glass of Free Run to all the wonderful women of South Africa. Inspired by the careful balance and clear vision that goes into producing our most sophisticated wines, Free Run embodies the celestial essence that is divinely feminine.

The creation of a top class Sauvignon Blanc is a very technical process and requires very precise and careful handling all through the undertaking to produce a balanced, crisp white wine with an ethereal aroma and those sought after long, lingering, yummy flavours.

Our Free Run is made from the juice that runs freely from the press to produce an exceptional wine, crisp and fresh, but lingering. We treat the fruit with fanatical care to retain as much of the natural, zesty, floral freshness as possible. Once our grapes are softly destemmed, they are gently transferred into a skin contact tank, named Rebecca. This overnight skin contact imbues them with intense flavour and aroma. From here, the grapes are pumped into a press. As they enter the press, some of the juice runs through the drain of the press naturally – this is the free run juice.

It ages magnificently and the best vintages can be enjoyed 10 years from bottling.


Clean, brilliant pale with a hint of limey greenness around the rim.


A complex nose of green pepper, fig leaves, passion fruit and limey aromas is followed by a distinctive, bright flintiness. 


The complexity of the nose is expressed on the palate, giving this wine a full, crisp and lively mouth-feel, with an after taste that lingers.


Pairs well with foods that offer a certain amount of zest, combining particularly well with veal lemone and grilled calamari. Also try it with steamed asparagus, a spaghetti vongole, an avocado soup or a herbed risotto!