Accolade Wines

Under Accolade Wines – our wines are recognised year in, year out at international wine shows (including IWSC, Decanter World Wine Awards, International Wine Challenge and Halliday), and by respected key opinion leaders around the world for their unwavering quality and relevance to wine consumers of today.

Da Luca Prosecco

Da Luca is proud to be Italian. Like the passion and boldness that is exuded from this beautiful country, our Prosecco echoes the effortless style and joie de vivre attitude the Italian’s are so fondly known for.

The rich landscapes, the passionate people, the smell of citrus and homemade sauce and an overall ambiance that perfectly demonstrates a lust for life – this is the heart and soul of Da Luca.

Kumala Wines

We believe in putting in the time and effort to ensure our grapes are perfectly ripened, allowing our wines to reach their full potential.

To do this requires our growers and winemakers to be attentive, focused and fully present at every stage of the winemaking process.
In the age of high-speed internet and instant gratification, we believe that one derives more joy and satisfaction from taking the time to do a job well.

You’ll know when it’s time to quietly lay aside the demands of the day. It’s a wonderful moment you’ll feel is well deserved. And one you’ll want to share.

It’s the moment you have a glass of Kumala in hand.

Our mellow reds, crisp whites and fruity rosés are full of character having been nurtured in the tranquil surroundings of Table Mountain in South Africa. You can virtually feel our love for this land and our passion for winemaking in every sip.

So just as we make time to give our quality wines time to develop and soak up the warm South African sunshine, make time for Kumala. Make time for you.

Fish Hoek Wines

At Fish Hoek Wines, we believe in quality and distinctive character. the notion motivates our focus to produce stunning single grape varietals.

Paired with our skilled winemaking, we aim to create wines that are artful in its simplicity.

With six single varietals in our range, you have a multitude of choices including Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Shiraz, Merlot & Pinotage.

Our wines are also Fairtrade Certified. A percentage from every bottle of Fish Hoek sold goes directly
into the hands of the farm workers who helped grow and harvest our grapes. It helps fund local schools, female empowerment and community groups in South Africa’s Western Cape.

Dragon's Back Mountain

Dragon’s Back Mountain is a proud African wine inspired by the legendary Drakensberg mountain range.

Inspired by those who seek out opportunities to demonstrate and celebrate their path to success, Dragon’s Back Mountain wine tells the story of the journey of self.

Our wines are naturally sweet and smooth on the palate, creating a balanced finish that is easy-drinking and best served toasting life’s little wins with friends.

Wines made for #livinglegends.