Time Manner Place – Flagstone’s Ethereal Salute to South African Vinification

Simply put, Flagstone’s Time Manner Place is Pinotage decadence. A result of obsessive winemaking and characterised by its ravishing fruit, this premium expression of South Africa’s signature variety glitters with 5-star Platters’ Awards.

When Flagstone decided to make one of the most sublime wines in the world an exceptional single vineyard block high in the Waaihoek Mountains above the Breedekloof Valley, 700 metres above sea level, entrusted its berries to Gerhard Swart’s deft hands. This extraordinary block, planted in incredible soil right up against the slope of the mountain, produces Pinotage grapes so heavenly it’s an annual wrestle with birds and baboons for a share of the crop.

If you’re serious about producing premium Pinotage that’s going to be life changing for the drinker you need a deep well of dedication and bold vision. Flagstone are extremely picky about when a harvest is exceptional enough to have the grapes hand-selected for a Time Manner Place vintage. That fastidious selection is echoed in winemaker Gerhard Swart’s meticulous craft of Pinotage, an art for which he has earned the moniker, A Pinotage King. A title reflected in the slew prestigious awards the winery’s Pinotage claims each year.

The final selection process for Time Manner Place takes place while the wine matures in small 225L barrels at a constant, cool temperature. The barrels are tasted multiple times each year, carefully and deliberately to decide which of the barrels will be good enough to go into this exclusive, hand-crafted wine.

Time Manner Place is an impression of a year, related through wine about this small corner of the universe, it’s an unforgettable way to toast the festive season.

Time Manner Place is velvety and weighty red, bursting with unique character, intense aromas and smoky, spicy undertones, delivering a full whack of fruit enveloped in gentle tannins. It’s a wine that pairs with quintessential moments capable of transcending the prepositional phrases after which it was named. It plays on Flagstone’s love of poetry, linguistics and creativity and promises to linger with you long after the magical moment passes.